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mPOWER is offering three online peer learning courses between April 2020 and March 2021.

The online course will enable participants to learn from cities that are leading the energy transition and provide plenty of opportunities to exchange municipal power experiences with other cities throughout Europe.

For a period of six weeks 30-35 participants will

  • receive guidance to pull out best practices and key lessons to draft their own energy transition recommendations,
  • advance public ownership over energy and
  • build lasting, active relationships with other municipalities.

Each online course runs for 6 weeks and will consist of 1 session per week. Participating in one of the three online courses requires 2 hours for the webinar, 1 hour for reading in your own time and a small weekly assignment to develop your own list of (policy) recommendations. The course runs three times, so you can pick the dates that work best for you.

Online course periods: April – May 2020, September – October 2020 or February – March 2021

Local authorities are invited to express interest in participating in one of the 3 online courses by filling in this 5-minute survey. Because we want to hear the topics (opportunities and barriers) you are interested to learn about and the learning outcomes that are most important for you to achieve.