Kronenberg Regional Learning Event

In may 2022, seven Dutch municipalities and other local actors met in Kronenberg, the Netherlands. Hosted by the 8 local municipalities in partnership with mPower, this regional event brought together local municipalities, local citizen groups like EnergieKronenberg, and local businesses (installers, supply companies, digital platforms for energy, etc). It was the first event of its kind bringing together these various stakeholders in the energy transition. The keynote speaker, Frans Timmermans (Vice President of the European Commission), summarized the key challenge and opportunity facing us, praising citizen led collectives like EnergieKronenberg: 

“We are the first generation that notices the effects of climate change and also the first generation that can take action. There are many reports from science and many people who want to take action, we need everyone, citizens, all governments, and initiatives like Energy Kronenberg”. 

To read more about the outcomes of the event, visit this blog article.