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mPOWER is a Horizon 2020 funded, peer-learning programme to assist municipalities in creating a fair, clean and democratic energy future. Cities of all sizes and energy system experience can apply with the programme running from 2019 to 2022.

The project is to facilitate the development and replication of innovative municipal energy system projects which maximise citizen control and benefit.

The project features a variety of learning package options tailored to each participant’s learning style, location and time commitment.

How do I join?

Via this 5-minute survey you can express interest in participating in one of the 3 online courses of mPOWER Digital.

mPOWER is open to all urban local authorities from EU-28 countries + Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRoM, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia.

Benefits of mPOWER

  • In depth understanding of emerging low carbon municipal energy models.
  • Up to three years of bespoke expert support.
  • Visits to leading cities.
  • A network of municipalities facing similar issues.
  • A personalised plan and incubator programme to put learning into practice.

What you need to participate

  1. Commitment – between 30 and 250 hours depending on learning stream.
  2. Agency – ability to mobilise resources, implement projects and influence local policy.
  3. Enthusiasm – willingness to share knowledge and ideas.
  4. Institutional backing – political and operational support.

Click here for more information about who can participate and further requirements.

Learning support streams

mPOWER delivers energy system learning exchange between European municipalities with mPower facilitators creating a structured learning plan for each participant. All project travel and accommodation costs are covered – we encourage low carbon travel modes where possible.

After an initial learning assessment, municipalities are placed in one of two different learning streams: Exchange or Digital, with Exchange participants also eligible for the Activate incubator.

  • mPOWER Exchange: Structured around city visits, mPOWER Exchange enables local authorities to spend face-to-face time exploring, understanding and developing new and existing energy projects.
  • mPOWER Digital: An online course lasting six weeks, bringing together 30-35 local authorities via an e-learning platform. The course focuses on different energy system themes including smart grids, renewable generation, citizen participation methods and energy efficiency.
  • mPOWER Activate: Available only to participants of mPOWER Exchange, this is a chance to put learning into practice with five collaborative ‘public-public’ projects created between authorities and/or civil society groups.

Click here for more information about the learning support streams and how you will be located to a learning stream.

The detailed timeline of each mPOWER learning stream is available here.

Project Energy system themes

We encourage participants developing or operating energy system projects in all energy system sectors. Are primary project themes are:

  • Expanding renewables generation e.g. solar photovoltaic, wind, hydro, geothermal etc
  • Innovative in energy efficiency including deep retrofit and demand reduction
  • Democratisation and energy poverty alleviation
  • Electricity retail and district heating
  • Smart and decentralised grids
  • Sourcing investment and raising finance