mPower – Municipal Power

Boosting the energytransition in Kronenberg

By |June 29, 2022|

In Kronenberg, a small 450 household strong village in North Limburg, southeastern Netherlands, the energy transition is underway. It is being driven forward by the enthusiasm and commitment of EnergieKronenberg, a citizen collective. EnergieKronenberg started as a working group within the local municipality but since mid-2018 has been an independent collective with a close relationship with the municipality. The group has one municipality member on it, and they reached out to mPOWER to work alongside them. The collective currently consists of 15 members and volunteers. 

Co-criação de Comunidades de Energia em Portugal: o papel das autarquias

By |April 20, 2022|

Exemplos concretos são uma forma de motivar as pessoas a transformar a realidade mais próxima de si, ao perceberem que boas ideias se podem tornar em boas práticas. É por isso que o terceiro evento regional do projeto H2020 mPower se concentrou nos resultados e nas questões da Energaia (a agência de energia que representa 7 municípios do sul da Área Metropolitana do Porto), que já tinha estado presente no evento anterior.

Co-creation of energy communities in Portugal – the role of municipalities

By |April 20, 2022|

Concrete examples are a way of motivating people to transform the reality that’s closer to them, when they realize that good ideas can become good practices. That is why the third regional event of the H2020 mPower project focused on the results and topics raised by Energaia (the energy agency representing 7 municipalities in the south of the Porto Metropolitan Area).

New research: Urban Energy Transitions in Europe, towards Low-Socio-Environmental Impact Cities

By |November 18, 2021|

Thanks to the support of all the local authorities that have participated and are participating in mPower, we have been able to carry out the research "Urban Energy Transitions in Europe, towards Low-Socio-Environmental Impact Cities". The shared vision on the need for an energy transition towards a renewable, fair and democratic model is very necessary at this time, and the article makes it clear, for example, that the staff dedicated to the energy transition within the municipalities is vital for its achievement.

Cork City’s many transitions

By |July 29, 2021|

The small Irish city of Cork has committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030, compared to the baseline of 2016, and aims for net-zero emissions by 2050. In the diverse business centre, some of the world’s largest tech companies meet a significant agricultural industry producing meat and dairy.

Renewables Generation: Key findings from mPOWER Exchange

By |March 17, 2021|

Four cities explored the possibilities for large scale renewables generation. Visits to Frankfurt and Barcelona accelerated learning on how to: create a step change in solar generation uptake in the private sector, deliver large scale solar projects on city owned land and roofs and tackle energy poverty.